Theme 5 – The Graveyard is now LIVE!


Today we’re proud to announce that the next set of levels are now available for Magical Brickout: Theme 5 – The Graveyard! You are suddenly dropped off in the middle of the Evil Wizard’s graveyard. In order to continue you journey, you must make your way through shambling zombies and into the Wizard’s family tomb. But inside lies the great Zombie King and his deadly zombie bricks. Can you make it to the exit alive?

Theme 5 includes 6 brand new levels, a new boss brick, the zombie brick, which throws some ugly zombie goo onto your screen, and a new power-up called Magic Clean which wipes away those ugly stains and leaves no residue behind! What are you waiting for? Get it now!

This update also includes a number of new changes to the game engine. First up, the pre-game launcher has been removed. All game options should be configurable from within the game. Next, Full gamepad support has been added and issues concerning the Xbox One controller on Windows 10 has been resolved. Finally, official Steam Controller support has been added. We’re still working to perfect it and look forward to your custom configurations.

We hope you enjoy today’s update; 3 more themes remain! We look forward to hearing your feedback; please post your comments and suggestions in our Steam forums.

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