Theme 7 – The Ice Cave – is now LIVE!


Today we’re proud to announce the release of Theme 7 – The Ice Cave! In this theme you work your way deep into a mysterious ice cave. What will you discover inside? All of this leads to a deadly confrontation with a majestic ice dragon!

Theme 7 includes an all new danger – the Frost Brick! Upon being hit, the frost brick immediately freezes nearby bricks and removes them from the play area – they cannot be shattered, or bounced off of for a limited time. All bricks can be affected by the frost bricks too – even iron bricks so avoid them at all costs!

Theme 7 includes some of our most challenging levels to date. It also brings our total level count up to 42! We have just one more theme to go. We’ll be announcing our future plans with the game in the coming weeks. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the latest set of levels and look forward to your comments in our forums.

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