Theme 8 – The Throne Room – is now LIVE!


Today we’re proud to announce the release of Theme 8 – The Throne Room. In this theme you work your way back into the castle in your quest to defeat the Evil Wizard and his wicked minion. You will lay witness to the messiest kitchen ever seen, the strangest trophy room in the land, and the wicked “Throne of Canes” before confronting the Wizard himself.

Theme 8 adds 6 new levels to the game and a new boss brick – The Fog Brick. When hit, the Fog Brick completely obscures your view of the entire table. Only a small patch of clearing remains around the ball as it moves about. Can you see in the dark? You will have to in order to survive this new threat brought upon by the Evil Wizard and his mischievous Minion.

Theme 8 also includes the last set of original levels bringing the total number of levels in the game up to 48! But don’t worry, we’re far from finished. We’re currently hard at work on our final polish which will bring a huge number of changes and updates to the game. Please keep us up to date with your comments and suggestions in our forums. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for playing and enjoy the new levels!

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