Below is a working demo of several levels of Magical Brickout. It was built using the Personal Edition of the Unity Engine. Please download it and enjoy! We would welcome your comments and suggestions in our forums. Don’t be shy; let us know what you think. This game can only get better with your feedback.

Demo (Windows 69 MB)    Demo (Mac OSX 71 MB)    Demo (Linux 73 MB)


IndieDB: Windows | Mac OS X | Linux



Rotate Left: A
Rotate Right: D
Launch Ball: Spacebar
Pause/Menu: ESC

Gamepad (Xbox One/360 Controller)

Rotate Left/Right: Left Analog Stick
Launch Ball: X
Pause/Menu: Start

Note: Keybinds for gamepads on the Windows version of the demo may only display correctly for Xbox 360/One controllers. Rest assured, however, that other gamepads should still work if keybinds are changed. It is just a display issue.