Magical Brickout v1.0 released! Achievements and Trading Cards added!


After many months of very hard work we’re proud to announce that Magical Brickout is now officially out of Early Access! We’ve added a ton of new adjustments and features to the game to make it better than ever. Some of the new things we’ve added are:

  • Adjustment of scores, balls remaining, and times required to earn stars in each level
  • A mischievous little Minion to be knocked down in each level
  • Level transitions and effects to establish flow
  • Various cutscenes and dialogue with story progression
  • 44 Achievements
  • 8 Trading Cards
  • Leaderboards
  • Many misc. optimizations, adjustments, and bug fixes – check out the forums for a complete list.

If you’ve never played Magical Brickout then now is the time to jump in! Our playtesters have said it’s fun, challenging, and addictive! We look forward to hearing your thoughts in our forums.

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Theme 8 – The Throne Room – is now LIVE!


Today we’re proud to announce the release of Theme 8 – The Throne Room. In this theme you work your way back into the castle in your quest to defeat the Evil Wizard and his wicked minion. You will lay witness to the messiest kitchen ever seen, the strangest trophy room in the land, and the wicked “Throne of Canes” before confronting the Wizard himself.

Theme 8 adds 6 new levels to the game and a new boss brick – The Fog Brick. When hit, the Fog Brick completely obscures your view of the entire table. Only a small patch of clearing remains around the ball as it moves about. Can you see in the dark? You will have to in order to survive this new threat brought upon by the Evil Wizard and his mischievous Minion.

Theme 8 also includes the last set of original levels bringing the total number of levels in the game up to 48! But don’t worry, we’re far from finished. We’re currently hard at work on our final polish which will bring a huge number of changes and updates to the game. Please keep us up to date with your comments and suggestions in our forums. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for playing and enjoy the new levels!

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Theme 7 – The Ice Cave – is now LIVE!


Today we’re proud to announce the release of Theme 7 – The Ice Cave! In this theme you work your way deep into a mysterious ice cave. What will you discover inside? All of this leads to a deadly confrontation with a majestic ice dragon!

Theme 7 includes an all new danger – the Frost Brick! Upon being hit, the frost brick immediately freezes nearby bricks and removes them from the play area – they cannot be shattered, or bounced off of for a limited time. All bricks can be affected by the frost bricks too – even iron bricks so avoid them at all costs!

Theme 7 includes some of our most challenging levels to date. It also brings our total level count up to 42! We have just one more theme to go. We’ll be announcing our future plans with the game in the coming weeks. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the latest set of levels and look forward to your comments in our forums.

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Theme 6 Announced – The Dwarf Mine!


Today we’re excited to announce the next set of levels in Magical Brickout – Theme 6 – The Dwarf Mine! Theme 6 adds 6 new levels to the game all centered around an underground mine. It includes a new (and dangerous) boss brick – the Shatter Brick – which splits into 2 pieces when hit. It also introduces a new hazard brick – the Lockup Brick – which locks up all fairy and power up bricks for a limited time. There is also a new boss – The Rock Monster which you will have to challenge in the final level. Mark you calendars, Theme 6 drops Monday, May 30th.

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Theme 5 – The Graveyard is now LIVE!


Today we’re proud to announce that the next set of levels are now available for Magical Brickout: Theme 5 – The Graveyard! You are suddenly dropped off in the middle of the Evil Wizard’s graveyard. In order to continue you journey, you must make your way through shambling zombies and into the Wizard’s family tomb. But inside lies the great Zombie King and his deadly zombie bricks. Can you make it to the exit alive?

Theme 5 includes 6 brand new levels, a new boss brick, the zombie brick, which throws some ugly zombie goo onto your screen, and a new power-up called Magic Clean which wipes away those ugly stains and leaves no residue behind! What are you waiting for? Get it now!

This update also includes a number of new changes to the game engine. First up, the pre-game launcher has been removed. All game options should be configurable from within the game. Next, Full gamepad support has been added and issues concerning the Xbox One controller on Windows 10 has been resolved. Finally, official Steam Controller support has been added. We’re still working to perfect it and look forward to your custom configurations.

We hope you enjoy today’s update; 3 more themes remain! We look forward to hearing your feedback; please post your comments and suggestions in our Steam forums.

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